I wrote the following on Saturday as part of a workshop that Chris Hoyle (Tejamitra) and I were running in North London. Like many things, it had a certain resonance at the time that it loses out of context, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I’m putting it here because it’s too long to use as an update on the Buddhist Coach Facebook Page.


I believe that there is no God – we must take responsibility for ourselves.

I believe that seeing oneself as separate from others is painful, exhausting and lonely.

I believe that craving and hatred are painful and self-propagating.

I believe that actions have consequences, both in our own psyches and in the cosmos.

I believe that to act kindly changes the universe for the better.

I believe that love is always better than fear.

I believe in the transformative and therapeutic powers of meditation.

I believe there is delight in stillness.

I believe the means justify the ends, not the other way round.

I believe it’s all too easy to lose a sense of the transcendent, so we need those who are more in touch with it to remind us.