A day workshop led by Jnanagarbha
Sunday 19th June,

10.30am – 4.30pm
Croydon Buddhist Centre

Jean-Paul Sartre infamously claimed that “hell is other people”. Whatever we think of this, the truth is that practising in the Triratna community we have to spend a lot of time with other people.

If you’d like to

  • feel more fully at ease in groups
  • understand how different people relate to groups in different ways
  • communicate with others more fully – hearing and being heard
  • explore the phases that groups go through

Then this workshop is for you.

Knowing something about group processes, and having more awareness of our own habits and responses in group settings can help us both to use them more effectively for our own Dharma practice, and to communicate the Dharma more effectively and to a wider range of different people.

This is workshop is designed to help us to make more of groups, and is designed as much for those who feel comfortable in groups as for those who find them challenging, and as much for those who lead groups, as for those who take part in them.

The content of the workshop will evolve in response to those who are taking part, although I expect we’ll cover material such as:

  • An exploration of the fundamental issue of how to be in relation to others while retaining a sense of self – known as the Love-Will polarity
  • Introducing some simple models of group stages:

Tuckman’s famous ‘forming, norming, storming, performing’ progression
John Heron’s Seasons metaphor
Schutz’s ‘inclusion – control – openness’ model.

    • Addressing some of the issues of our own and others’ anxiety in groups, looking at:

The three domains of anxiety: understanding, acting and connecting
Existential and archaic anxiety

While this day is a companion to the Mandala of Kalyana Mitrata Day earlier in the year, it is suitable for everyone to attend.

The cost for the day is just £25 and you can book online, or call the Centre on 020 8688 8624